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Sober Living for Women and Men in the Heart of Music City

Sober Living

Our men’s and women’s Sober living homes in Nashville near Music Row offer a sober living environment to give yourself added structure and accountability after inpatient treatment. The longer you can stay connected to a support system, the more likely you’ll experience long-term sobriety.

Not everyone is ready to go straight home. As you think about your next steps in recovery, consider transitional Sober living as a valuable tool to avoid the risk of relapse as you ease back into everyday life. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and returning too soon to where you were living prior to treatment could hinder your efforts.

Sober living can improve your chances of staying sober. If you have been through detox, residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment or are just plain ready to live a sober life and want a sober community, Integrative Life Center’s sober living is for you. Whether you’ve struggled with an addiction, mental health problems or co-occurring disorders, we can provide support and an opportunity for you to create a new life in sobriety. Our sober living homes for men and women are clean, well managed and located in the heart of the city.

Improve your Chances of Staying Sober

  • Between 40 and 60%of drug addicts will experience a relapse.
  • Once 12 months of sobriety has been achieved, less than 50%will relapse.
  • Once five years of sobriety has been achieved, the chance of relapse drops to less than 15%.
  • The longer you remain sober, the less chance you have of relapsing.
  • Structure, support and accountability help maintain sobriety, especially in early recovery.

Our sober living homes provide structure and accountability along with flexibility and support. To help you in this transitional living process, we have live-in house managers who are in recovery available for support.

Many sober living homes mandate 12 Step meeting attendance. We offer our residents choice in their approach to recovery. While attendance at recovery support meetings is an essential part of our sober living community, you get to decide what meetings you attend. Recovery support meetings available in Nashville include 12 step recovery meetings such as AA, NA, SA, SLAA, CODA, ACA, EDA, and Alanon, as well as Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery and SMART Recovery meetings. Additional support and accountability include random drug screening throughout your stay.

Ongoing individual therapy is encouraged while you are in sober living and if you don’t have a therapist, we can provide with your referrals to one of the many outstanding therapists in the Nashville and surrounding areas.

Avoiding Relapse

Although not uncommon, relapse doesn’t have to be a part of your recovery journey. To help you avoid or minimize the chance of relapse, we recommend you:

  • Follow your aftercare or continuing care plan. If you don’t have one, we’ll help you create one.
  • Follow through with all your follow-up appointments (psychiatry and/or other medical appointments, therapy, etc.) after treatment is over.
  • Become involved in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous (or other 12 step meetings), Refuge Recovery, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery or one of the recovery support meetings Nashville offers.
  • Create a community of supportive people who love you.
  • Ask for help when you need it.


Our houses are located close to public transportation or you may choose to bring your car with you.

Nashville is home to several public and private Universities to include Vanderbilt, Belmont, Tennessee State University, Trevecca Nazarene University, and Lipscomb to name a few.  Many of our residents return to college and/or find employment while in sober living.

Computers, cell phones, tablets: There is no “blackout” period when you live in one of our sober living homes. You may use your cell phone, computer or tablet (internet service is provided) as soon as you arrive.

You are not restricted to the house and/or property, and may come and go as you please. For safety reasons, we do have a curfew along with guidelines you must abide by (outlined in your resident handbook). This flexibility provides the opportunity for an easier transition back into everyday life and returning to your daily tasks and responsibilities.

All sober living homes have a washer and dryer for residents to use.

Television and cable provided.

Access to additional treatment if needed within the Integrative Life Center continuum of care.

Villa Place Bedroom

Villa Place

Women’s transitional living home in Midtown.

15th Ave. Living Room

15th Ave.

Men’s transitional living home in Midtown.

Sharpe House

Sharpe House

Men’s transitional living home in East Nashville.

Morning Star Primary Residential

For higher levels of care, Morning Star is a unique primary residential program that draws from many therapeutic approaches and concentrates on the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of an individual in an environment that promotes connection and restoration of community.  The use of complementary/alternative approaches (yoga, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, breath work, hypnotherapy, meditation, and ceremony) and traditional evidence based practices (CBT, DBT, EMDR, Experiential Therapy, etc.) provide a treatment experience that clients describe as healing and transformational.

Morning Star is the evolution of many years of providing treatment to a diverse client population.  Our clinical staff are experienced licensed professionals who bring a great deal of life experience to the program.  Our approach acknowledges your innate capacity to heal and grow beyond the diagnosis and recognizes the strengths you have and will continue to develop over a lifetime.

The unique aspects of Morning Star include a true community based experience with an individualized relationship to each client. We strongly believe that healing happens in community and you’ll find that is the foundation of all Integrative Life programs.

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