About Us.

Who We Are.

Integrative Life Center was co-founded in 2010 by Lee McCormick, a leading voice in behavioral health and addiction, and Holly Cook, an accomplished therapist and educator. Since its founding, ILC has earned a national reputation for clinical and program excellence with clients and behavioral health experts.

In 2018, Ryan Chapman, former CEO of Nashville-based Premier Parking, became CEO and principal owner, bringing new energy and passion to ILC. In his late teens, Ryan was treated at a Nashville recovery center. That experience sparked a desire to help others struggling for sobriety and wellness.

What We Do.

We guide you in rediscovering the you that’s been lost, masked or hurt.

We lovingly support your journey every step of the way from tailored therapies to medical supervision and spiritual support. It’s a continuum of care, not a 28-day program.

What We Believe.

We believe that everyone has a story worth telling, a life worth living and a spirit worthy of love.

We believe in the power of integration—personalized treatment that blends evidence-based methods with non-traditional approaches.

How We Think.

Integration of mind, body, and spirit takes place in community, not in isolation.

As you do the hard work of recovery, we help you bridge the comfort and security of our facilities with the demands of the outside world.

Our Commitment.

We commit to bringing the best team, programs and resources to your healing journey.

Today, Integrative Life Center is a national leader in experiential healing and recovery.

We welcome clients from around the corner and across the country.


What Sets Us Apart.

Our unique culture sets us apart. You can see it in our world-class hospitality. Our industry-leading staff training. And our commitment to post-discharge coaching and feedback.

When searching for a treatment program, many find themselves wading through unfamiliar waters, and it can be difficult to tell what differentiates one program from another. We talk through these differences every day with families and potential clients. We understand how overwhelming this process can be, and we make it our goal to help you feel as educated and confident in your decision as possible.

Expert Clinical Treatment.

Many treatment centers offer separate programming for substance abuse, disordered eating, intimacy disorders, and mood disorders. Few offer comprehensive treatment for more than one issue at the same time. At Integrative Life Center, we offer care that treats the primary problem, while also addressing the underlying, more complex co-occurring issues that are often caused by unresolved trauma.

Our coping mechanisms wear many different masks. Instead of honing in on how people use destructive behaviors to cope, we are far more interested in helping them discover why. We believe that by focusing on treating the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – people can begin to move towards lasting recovery.



Each client’s group therapy and individual sessions are facilitated by at least a master’s level clinician with specialty training. The majority of our clinical staff are Licensed Professional Counselors with a Mental Health Service Provider designation (LPC-MHSP). To practice in the state of Tennessee, this requires being awarded not only a graduate degree but over 3,000 hours of supervised clinical work before you are allowed to take the first of two licensing exams administered by the National Board for Certified Counselors. Long story short? Our Primary Counselors know their stuff.



We believe that healing takes place in a real-world, community-based recovery setting. Although each person’s needs in recovery differ, everyone must deal with the realities of recovering in the real world at one point or another. Our treatment centers and transitional living residences are located in the trendy, urban Edgehill Village neighborhood near downtown Nashville. The urban environment and access to amenities create both opportunities and obstacles for those in recovery to overcome. Our transitional living homes serve as an excellent transition environment for those stepping down from our primary residential program, Morning Star Lodge, located offsite or for those transferring from long-term recovery programs elsewhere.



Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, we know how lonely and overwhelming this process can feel. A phone call, email or in-person consultation gives you the opportunity to get your questions answered privately and confidentially, learn more about your treatment options, and understand the culture of our program. Our staff is here to listen, help, and meet you wherever you are in recovery.