Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Nashville

Nearly one-third of individuals with mental illnesses and almost one-half of those with severe mental illnesses also suffer from co-existing problems with addiction or substance abuse. Likewise, more than one-third of all alcohol abusers and over half of all drug abusers suffer from some form of mental illnesses. This makes the proper identification and effective dual diagnosis treatment doubly essential for many suffering from either disease.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis, or the existence of co-occurring mental illnesses and addictions, is a grave and complex relationship that requires expertly planned, integrated dual diagnosis treatment methodologies in order to fully heal from all forms of the serious, multi-faceted disease. Untreated or incomplete treatment of dual diagnosis disorders leave individuals with ongoing, underlying conditions that almost always worsen the initial problems or supplant one problem for another. Treating just one source in the web of connected issues makes an individual suffering from dual diagnosis more likely to relapse and find little success using traditional, short-term treatment measures, so complete healing of the entire network of illnesses and disorders is crucial for an individual to completely overcome their suffering once and for all.

Often, those suffering from addiction or mental illness are unaware of the complex network of underlying issues, causes, symptoms and consequences that coincide with an identified problem. Untangling the roots of one’s illness or illnesses and implementing an effective, integrated dual diagnosis treatment plan requires a high level of expertise and long-term care.

Expert Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Nashville

Treatment for those suffering from multiple illnesses or addictions is complex due to the multiple layers of care required. Integrative Life Center offers proven dual diagnosis treatment in Nashville using a customized process of integrated evidence-based therapies, including detoxification, psychotherapy, medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, skills groups, 12-step facilitation, counseling services, individual and group therapy, and myriad other forms of holistic healing that focus on the whole individual, mind, body and spirit. These treatment measures are employed by our licensed, Masters-level medical and clinical staff members who are expertly trained and experienced in working with multiple, co-occurring addictions, eating disorders, behavioral disorders, trauma, and co-dependency.

Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Approach

To maximize the full potential of each dual diagnosis treatment, our expert clinicians and therapists work hand-in-hand to provide the comprehensive care needed for an individual to completely heal from the suffering caused and proliferated by multiple illnesses at once. Our team utilizes the best proven dual diagnosis treatment measures that tackle mental health illnesses, addictions and all underlying causes of these disorders from every possible angle.

At Integrative Life Center, our dual diagnosis treatments are provided in a safe, supportive and real world environment. Our continuum of care approach to healing means we offer dual diagnosis treatments that cater to a client’s needs at every step throughout his or her journey through recovery – from partial hospitalization and extended care to intensive outpatient programs and transitional living. While many options exist for those who suffer from addiction or mental illness alone, few addiction treatment centers offer the full spectrum of care needed for individuals suffering from multiple disorders at once.

If you believe you are in need of dual diagnosis treatment, contact Integrative Life Center for a free screening and analysis to get started on your path to recovery, completely and permanently.