Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Anxiety and Depression Treatment in Nashville

Many people experience anxiety and depression in relation to distressing events. When the conditions become chronic, it points to a problem much larger than a simple case of nerves or the blues.

Anxiety disorder is a condition that causes people to experience profound emotions of worry, panic, or fear on a regular basis. Physical symptoms may include a racing heart, sweating, difficulty breathing, and shakiness.

Depression may cause someone to feel disinterested, unmotivated, sad, hopeless, discouraged, or negative. When this occurs on a regular basis, it can impact work, school, and relationships with others.

Co-occurring Disorders

While anxiety and depression are not the same thing, the two conditions often occur at the same time. Overlapping symptoms may include nervousness, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and trouble concentrating. Many patients with depression also have a history of anxiety disorder. Our anxiety and depression support services help address both conditions at the same time, increasing the likelihood of successful treatment overall. Both anxiety and depression may also co-occur with chemical dependency or addictions. It is essential to address all facets of dual diagnosis in one’s treatment plan for the most effective results.

Anxiety and depression can impact a person’s daily life including behavior, function, thoughts, and emotions. Anxiety and depression have no age limits. They can affect children, teens, and adults alike. In order to fully address all conditions and help patients achieve total wellness, Integrative Life Center offers anxiety and depression support as part of our integrative treatment options.

Individualized Anxiety and Depression Treatment in Nashville

At Integrative Life Center, we offer customized, integrated anxiety and depression treatment in Nashville. Patients in our programs develop skills for managing stress and anxiety, allowing them to take back control of their lives. Anxiety and depression may occur with or without chemical dependency. Because every case of depression and anxiety is unique to each patient, we customize every stage of treatment to fit the patient’s needs and goals. Just as no two patients are exactly like, no two treatment plans handle anxiety and depression support in the same way.

We offer family and community support, individual and group therapy, and tailored treatment solutions that help patients deal with the mental, emotional, physical, and environmental aspects of anxiety and depression.

To learn more about our proven approach to treating depression and anxiety, please give us a call.