While sex is a healthy and natural act, it can become something negative and damaging when it is done compulsively, without regard for oneself or others. Often sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior is a type of addiction overlooked. When an individual’s sexuality loses its intimacy it often becomes a mask for dealing with or avoiding an underlying mental health issue. When sex addiction takes ahold of someone, they get no joy or pleasure from the act. They experience no connection. Instead, individuals struggling with sex addiction are unable to control their urges or behaviors. To get back to healthy sexuality, one that respects the self as well as others involved, requires professional support through a sex addiction treatment program at Integrative Life Center.

therapist comforting patient in sex addiction treatment programWhat Does Sex Addiction Entail?

Often, individuals enduring this addiction are unable to maintain healthy relationships. Because compulsive fantasies and irresponsible if not dangerous behavior in finding and engaging in sex consumes them, patients watch as their relationships fall apart or can never develop beyond something superficial. Sex addiction can be destructive. It is a condition where individuals are incapable of controlling or waiting to act on their sexual feelings, urges, and actions.

Anyone single, in a relationship, or married as well as anyone of any sexuality or gender can suffer from sex addiction. It is a mental health disorder where sex is used as a coping mechanism to deal with loneliness, boredom, feeling powerless and it can be a symptom of depression. Some common warning signs and symptoms of sex addiction:

  • Being preoccupied or unable to fulfill personal and professional obligations due to a constant craving for sex
  • Spending much of your time focused on sex-related activities, like searching for new sexual conquests or excessively visiting pornographic websites
  • Continuing to engage in risky sexual behavior, despite a strong desire to stop because of the possible consequences
  • Need to increase the intensity, frequency, or risk of sexual behaviors in order to achieve the same desired effects

In a sex addiction treatment program, patients learn how to develop healthier sexuality. This doesn’t mean shaming or judging an individual’s preferences. Instead, in Integrative Life Center’s program patients discover why they are abusing themselves through sex, how they can return to experiencing sex as a healthy, mutually pleasurable experience.

Sex Addiction Treatment Program

The benefits of a sex addiction treatment program includes recognizing the dangers of sex addiction. There are severe physical, emotional, and spiritual dangers to leaving sex addiction untreated. For example, individuals will likely experience one or more of the following if they don’t seek out help:

  • Health Risks: As sex addiction grows more and more risks are taken by the individual. This can result in unprotected sex and the transmission of diseases like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, human papillomavirus, and syphilis. Some of these are treatable, others are life-threatening and all endanger others.
  • Legal Consequences: Many illicit sexual activities are subject to legal consequences such as prostitution. Sex addiction can even lead to sexual assault and rape in extreme cases.
  • Damage to Relationships: The inability to build true intimacy with others makes creating or maintaining relationships, whether sexual or not, extremely difficult. Sex addiction undermines trust and encourages secrecy.
  • Substance abuse: Often, individuals use drugs or alcohol to deal with feelings of guilt, shame, and anger by an individual unable to control themselves. This can lead to dependency further complicating and worsening the conditions.

Thus, the need for a sex addiction treatment program is clear. If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of sex addiction, now is the time to get help.

Heal at Integrative Life Center

If you or a loved one is unable to curb sexual impulses and are harming, physically or emotionally, others, then a sex addiction treatment program is the first step towards recovery. You needn’t feel isolated or embarrassed. At Integrative Life Center, we understand how overwhelmed you may be. Our counselors and therapists treat patients with compassion. Our comprehensive therapy options give all patients the best chance to identify, confront, and overcome their mental health issues. Some of our therapies include:

These therapies alongside many others give patients the support they need to develop healthier sexuality. Patients find more positive ways to cope with stress and anxiety. So reach out to us today at 615.455.3903 to explore how we can help you recover.