Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe that healing takes place in community, that each person needs support and the freedom to choose their own path, and that recovery comes with practice.

Recovery from the suffering caused by trauma, eating disorders, addictions, and other co-occurring conditions, is not only about managing life; it is about transforming it. At the Integrative Life Center, we support this transformative work with approaches that strengthen and nurture mind, body, and spirit.

Mental Health, Eating Disorder and Addiction Treatment Programs

Life can become overwhelming for those living with mental health conditions, addictions, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and/or the impact of traumatic life experiences. This is when getting the treatment you need is crucial.

Our Healing Mission

Integrative life Center (ILC) was opened to provide a full service, integrative approach to working with people experiencing the suffering and disease that comes with these challenges. Our focus is on you – the whole person – not just your diagnosis. Carl Jung said, “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”  Our full continuum of rehab programs includes more intensive residential treatment options as well as intensive outpatient treatment options.  Our approach is respectful and collaborative so that you feel empowered to decide the path of healing that serves your truth and spirit.

Traditional treatment for mental health, addictions, eating disorders and PTSD (the effects of trauma) is often a fragmented approach or each issue is addressed separately rather than integrated. Our lives and how we respond to our environment are not separate from our thoughts, beliefs, choices, and present moment reality. True healing in all areas is vital.

Our integrative approach at ILC focuses on integrating the mind, body, emotion, and spirit so that we address not only the symptoms but the underlying root causes, as well. This approach is successful because it enables you to heal the areas of your life that cause imbalance so they don’t contribute to a relapse. Relapse is natural; it’s simply a return to old familiar ways. The solution is a multifaceted respectful approach that meets each individual where they are and responds with what best serves each person in their recovery. Early recovery is a practice in recovering balance and awareness in yourself and learning a new frame for how to make choices. At ILC we understand this is key.

Creating a life you love to wake up to in the morning is the goal and the opportunity of recovery.

Our History

Our founder, Lee McCormick, was also the founder and former owner of The Ranch treatment center in Nunnelly, Tennessee. He saw the need for a community-based, integrative approach to treatment in the Nashville area, so he opened Integrative Life Center in 2010. He assembled a team of experienced, top-notch master’s level therapists who were trained in evidence-based treatment practices to address mental health, drug addiction & alcoholism, behavioral addictions, eating disorders and other trauma-based disorders. This team developed collaborative relationships with other like-minded integrative treatment practitioners to provide additional healing methodologies such as massage/bodywork, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and breathwork, along with psychiatric, medical/nursing, nutrition, and residential treatment services.

Our Clients

Clients come to ILC from all over the country. Some have been to treatment at other centers, and some have never been to treatment. Many of the people who come to ILC have been diagnosed with dual or co-occurring disorders that may include a mental health disorder, trauma and addictions or eating disorders. We have just as many clients, however, who may be struggling with just one disorder. We work with women and men 18 years of age and older who are in various stages of readiness to change their lives. Our 3-day family workshop includes family members and significant others in the treatment process.

Our Treatment Methods

Integrative care addresses the mind, body, emotion, and spirit to promote healing at the deepest levels. Our staff is experienced, veteran therapists trained in evidence-based approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Family Systems, and EMDR for trauma resolution. Additionally, we offer other somatic (body) oriented therapies such as somatic experiential work, meditation, breathwork, yoga, equine therapy, adventure therapy, and experiential therapy. We help introduce you to spiritual, heart-centered awareness through sweat lodges, walking a labyrinth or working within the medicine wheel, along with others spiritual practices. We believe that working with clients experientially provides a more intense and direct experience than simply talking about issues and analyzing them over and over.

Recovery Support Groups

A diverse array of community-based support groups are available including SMART Recovery,  12 Step meetings, Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, and ceremonies. We encourage participation so that you can create a community that will provide ongoing support.

Real World Recovery

At ILC, our many years of experience provides a stellar clinical experience with integrative modalities and community support that will help you shift your relationship to life while you’re also doing the deep soul work of healing and recovery.  Our real-world treatment environment helps counteract feelings of being overwhelmed with “re-entry” into life after leaving residential treatment and helps neutralize experiences that might push you into old ways of coping that can lead to relapse.  When you finish addiction treatment centers Nashville at ILC, your continuing care plan will be the real life you have already been living in treatment as you walked your path not sequestered away in a rehab facility far removed from society. You will be living your way to happiness and freedom with the support and connections you have developed during your time at ILC. This is a paradigm shift in treatment approaches and is far more effective in supporting your continued growth and recovery.

Get Help Now

Everyone deserves to live a happy life and is worthy of realizing their dreams. We are all in this together.  Let us help you find your balance and path to living a happy, joyous, and free life.  Call Integrative Life Center now at 615-891-2226 to talk to our friendly admissions staff to learn more about our rehab facilities and treatment program options.

Our Recovery Residences, Programs, and Events

Morningstar Living Room

Recovery Residences

We provide a safe, supportive and community-driven environment designed to help make the transition from early recovery to independent living in a real world setting.

Treatment Programs

We offer a continuum of care for men and women, including our Primary Residential Program, Adult Intensive Outpatient Program, and supportive recovery residences.

Events and Support Groups

Events & Support Groups

We offer a wide variety of workshops and events for clinical professionals, alumni, community members, and individuals in recovery. See what we’ve got coming up next!

Ready to Get Help?

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, we know how lonely and overwhelming this process can feel. A phone call, email or in-person consultation gives you the opportunity to get your questions answered privately and confidentially, learn more about your treatment options, and understand the culture of our program. Our staff is here to listen, help, and meet you wherever you are in recovery.

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