Morningstar Men’s Residential.

Morningstar Men’s Residential at Integrative Life Center is our highest level of care for men that offers medical support, 24/7 supportive housing, catered meals through our Healing Foods program, and 35-hours per week of clinical programming.


The Morningstar Men’s PHP+ lodge is situated on a hilltop with expansive views, tucked away in the rolling hills of West Nashville. The rustic 5,100 square foot home is comprised of eight beds in both single and shared bedrooms on eight wooded acres.

The Morningstar Men’s home is staffed 24/7 by trained Resident Assistants, under the direction of a Residential Supervisor, Clinical Director, and on-call nursing staff. Residential staff provides clients with all transportation to the clinical office, support meetings, medical appointments, offsite activities, and recreational events.


Participants in the Morningstar Men’s Residential program receive the benefit of our farm-to-table Healing Foods catered meals. Meals are thoughtfully crafted and planned by our Director of Nutrition Services in conjunction with Pinewood Farms, providing clients with delicious food that is locally sourced and conducive to the overall wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about Healing Foods.


The Morningstar Men’s PHP+ program is aligned with each client’s individualized treatment plan. Masters-level therapists lead 30 hours of group programming along with two individual sessions per week. Healing is enhanced through integrative approaches like EMDR, yoga, spirituality groups, breathwork, brainspotting, psychodrama, sweat lodge, music therapy, art therapy, and more. Integrative Life Center offers a full range of therapies and modalities.

Morningstar Residential clients also receive the benefit of trauma-informed acupuncture once per week and massage + bodywork sessions twice per month included in their programming (*UPDATE: these therapies are suspended indefinitely due to COVID-19 precautions. Please view our updated protocols for COVID-19).


From day one, our medical team assesses, treats, and evaluates each client from a biological perspective to ensure optimal health and benefit from program participation. The nursing staff is available on-call 24/7. Clients can also see a primary care physician specializing in trauma-informed addiction and mental health services through telehealth services provided by Integrative Health Centers. IHC can continue providing in-network primary medical care after discharge from ILC through any of its participating clinic partners. Learn more by calling 615.455.3903.