Mackenzie Reeser

ILC clients have the opportunity to explore their relationship with food and the coping behaviors they’ve adopted. We help them dive deeply into the work of figuring out how to interact with food in ways that align with their values and fuel their lives. – Mackenzie Reeser

Registered dietician Mackenzie Reeser discovered her passion in the relationship between nutrition and behavioral health. A native of Indianapolis, Mackenzie is a graduate of Nashville’s Lipscomb University. She earned a master’s degree in public health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. As Director of Nutrition Services at Integrative Life Center, Mackenzie is a key member of the treatment team for clients struggling with eating disorders. As well, she sees nutrition as an essential component in treating clients with a history of substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Mackenzie brings considerable experience to ILC, including work as a health coach, and as a dietician for North Carolina State University. Her background in the behavioral health field includes The Ranch in Nashville, and Carolina House in Durham, where she served clients with primary eating disorders in residential and outpatient settings.

At ILC, Mackenzie helps structure an integrative approach to treatment that uses traditional and non-traditional therapeutic techniques. Clients gain an understanding of their food patterns and relationships, and the issues that underlie their behaviors.

At home, Mackenzie and her husband Isaac enjoy spending time with friends, relaxing on the back porch and romping with their fun-loving dog Maggie.