Kristie Wolbers

“ILC meets clients where they are. For every 10 people with the same condition, there are 10 different traumas and 10 different backgrounds. Each treatment plan has to be unique and holistic.” – Kristie Wolbers

As a nurse who has been working in the field of behavioral health for over 20 years, Kristie Wolbers brings a wealth of wisdom, experience, passion, and compassion to her work at ILC. Throughout her career in behavioral health and addictions, she has observed that individuals are often shamed for the behaviors which they are working to overcome – something that would never happen with a diagnosis of diabetes or heart disease. As a result, she has dedicated her career to ensuring the best and most attentive care for her patients.

Kristie has worked with many populations under the heading of behavioral health, including specializing in substance use disorders and also working with adolescents and adults with eating disorders.

While Kristie has done a little bit of everything in her career, from being a private duty detox nurse to the director of clinical operations, as well as giving the closing keynote at IntNSA (International Nurses Society on Addictions) in 2016, she has found a calling in her work at ILC. She believes in a team approach which focuses on the success of each individual client.