Ian Chapman

“I’ve spent a long time trying to better understand myself, and I’m passionate about helping facilitate that type of introspective work with others. It’s about sharing the human experience with people in an empathic and compassionate way.” – Ian Chapman

Ian Chapman grew up in a small town near Nashville in a family of therapists where he learned from a young age the language and culture of recovery. Through his studies in philosophy and psychology, he became increasingly interested in therapy and pursued a master’s degree in social work from Salem State University in Massachusetts. Those early influences continue to inform Ian’s practice, which leverages the healing power of mind, body and spirit to treat individuals experiencing trauma and co-occurring conditions.

While a clinical intern at the Boston Public Health Commission and the Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association, Ian conducted individual therapy and co-led eating disorder recovery groups. He has conducted clinical research for Onsite Workshops where he championed the power of evidence-based practice and experiential therapy. He has pursued advanced training in psychodrama (healing emotional wounds through storytelling) and trauma stage processing. The author of several academic articles, Ian joined the ILC clinical team in 2019.

Ian loves music and dabbles in songwriting. He and his wife Susanna enjoy cycling the many bike trails in and around Nashville.