Brooke Morgan

“At Integrative Life Center I have my own support system—a team of talented therapists who work together to identify the best treatment or modality for each client.” – Brooke Morgan

Brooke Morgan grew up on a farm in Kentucky, surrounded by a strong family and community before completing a master’s of education degree at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of Education. As a therapist, she recognizes the value of a trusting, supportive environment and seeks to provide this for others.

Brooke’s counseling background includes experience at The Ranch and the Renfrew Center, where she directed psychoeducational and process groups for residential and intensive outpatient clients focusing primarily on eating disorders. Brooke has experience in equine therapy and trauma-informed yoga. She served as coordinator for a school-based research project at Vanderbilt’s Fuchs Research Group before joining Integrative Life Center in 2019.

Brooke was drawn to ILC’s practical approach to treating eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse and other conditions, in which therapists help clients keep one foot in the “real world” rather than isolate in a therapy bubble. The result, she says, is better integration and a better therapeutic outcome. Brooke and her husband Matt enjoy travel and spending time outdoors.

She is an avid reader and loves a good documentary.