Amanda Elkin

Amanda Elkin is a senior therapist who brings her own wealth of experience and knowledge to ILC as she has managed several other programs including those for people experiencing eating disorders, addictions, sex addiction and partners of sex addicts, co-occurring mental illnesses, and family work.

Amanda has dedicated her career to walking alongside clients suffering with addiction, mental health disorders and trauma as they work to take steps toward healing. She loves helping people realize that humans are built for connection and that healing is possible – in community. “None of us experienced wounding in a vacuum,” she believes. “We experience core wounding through relationships and therefore need to heal through community and relationship.” She is excited to bring this relational outlook to her work with clients, their families, and the staff at ILC.

As a Senior Therapist at Integrative Life Center, she also appreciates being able to walk alongside a team of diverse professionals who bring varied resources, outlooks, experiences, and expertise to the work of supporting each client’s healing and growth.

Amanda holds a master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of Southern Mississippi, as well as a master’s in Journalism.