Primary Residential Treatment Programs

in Nashville, TN

About Our Primary Residential-Based Programs

We offer gender-specific primary residential-based programs that draw from many therapeutic approaches and concentrate on the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of every individual in an environment that promotes connection and restoration of community.  The use of complementary/alternative approaches (yoga, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, breath work, hypnotherapy, meditation, and ceremony) and traditional evidence based practices (CBT, DBT, EMDR, Experiential Therapy, etc.) provide a treatment experience that clients describe as healing and transformational. Similar to a primary residential program, Morning Star and Music Row Recovery have resulted from many years of providing treatment to a diverse client population.  Our clinical staff are experienced licensed professionals who bring a great deal of life experience to the program.  Our approach acknowledges your innate capacity to heal and grow beyond the diagnosis and recognizes the strengths you have and will continue to develop over a lifetime. The unique aspects of our primary program include a true community-based experience with an individualized relationship and customized treatment plan tailored to each client. We believe that healing happens in community, and you’ll find that is the foundation of all Integrative Life Center programs.

Get Help for Addictions, Mental Health Disorders & Dual Diagnoses

Unlike many drug rehab facilities, we do not just treat addictions. We also offer customized treatment plans for those with mental health disorders and dual diagnoses as well.

A Typical Day

While clinical work is a powerful tool in helping to unravel our issues, challenges and experiences in life, we realize that the treatment experience is far more effective and impactful when it is integrated into real life settings.

We have two gender-specific residences for our primary care patients. Our Morning Star property for women in recovery is located on 25 beautiful acres in a retreat-like setting just outside of Nashville. Our men’s recovery residence on Music Row, is a modern, comfortable home located in a more urban setting in the heart of Music Row in Nashville. Both living environments provide a peaceful, supportive, community-oriented environment with access to clinical and medical care. Clinical sessions are held at our primary treatment centers on Music Row in Nashville, providing the perfect combination of tranquil, restorative care in a real world setting.


Monday through Friday from 9:00 – 3:00, you will be involved in daily groups (25 hours of clinical groups per week) as well as individual sessions with your therapist.  You will have the opportunity to experience and practice recovery skills in everyday real life as you engage in local community offerings as part of the treatment process.  We have medical staff available throughout the week should you need medication management or a referral for additional medical services.  Nashville is a large healthcare community and many of our clients take advantage of the healthcare services while being in a supported environment.

Life Skills

Real life opportunities extend beyond the treatment experience as you live in community with others in one of our residences (women and men live separately).  You and your house mates will decide on meals for the week, shop and prepare meals daily.  In addition to group and individual therapy, life skills, art, music, recovery support meetings and complementary therapies round out the day as you gain stability and choose a life course that you desire.

Treatment Modalities

We are not alone in our challenges in life. Community is key to recovery and diverse community is the most compelling and effective gift to healing in the real world.  You will experience a wide array of meetings including Smart Recovery, 12 Step meetings, and Against the Stream Buddhist recovery meetings, exposing you to a variety of treatment methodologies that may resonate with you. We also offer sweat lodges and other ceremonies should you desire to expand your support network.  We are supportive of YOU choosing the recovery path that resonates with you. Our staff hold space for your healing and recovery process to take place but we do NOT tell you what your recovery should look like; rather we support you in finding your heart’s calling in your healing.


There is nothing to fear in being courageous enough to seek healing and recovery. We can only learn what our truth is by walking through the world as a community with our head held high with self-respect.  We are NOT defined by the issues we face; we are human beings and we are the only ones who can heal and transform our lives so that we recover our truth and authenticity. Whether it is healing past traumas or addictions or eating disorders through somatic breath work, expressing grief through a mosaic in our art room, or kayaking down the Piney River and enjoying living for the first time in a long while, we will help you find your path among the many on the journey of recovery

What’s Included?

Medical Care

Clients are provided with a medical evaluation upon admission, access to psychiatric care and medical staff, and assistance with medication management.

Clinical Care

Our Master’s level clinicians facilitate therapeutic individual, gender separate group, and family work. We use evidence based therapies such as CBT, EMDR, DBT, somatic work, motivational interviewing, process groups, equine and adventure based, experiential modalities.

Complementary Therapies

Clients receive complementary therapeutic approaches in an effort to encourage body, mind, and spirit integration. Therapies include breath work, yoga, mindful meditation, massage, body work, art, music, and acupuncture.

Recreation & Community

Morning Star offers access to fire circles, sweat lodges, labyrinth walks, on-site art studio for creative expression, and other community oriented ceremonies.

Meals & Nutrition

Residents who need support around disordered eating partake in a nutritional assessment administered by a Registered Dietician, three supported meals per day, planning/preparing community meals, meal plan monitoring, and staff assisted grocery shopping.


Transportation is provided daily to meet client needs, including to clinical programming at Integrative Life Center, local support and recovery meetings, grocery shopping and other leisure activities.


Amenities provided in the house include all of the benefits of a comfortable, upscale living environment. Residents are allowed internet access, personal cell phone and vehicle use, when deemed appropriate. They are supervised by professional staff who are available for support 24-hours a day/7 days-a-week.

Health & Wellness

Residents have access to 25 acres of walking trails, woods, low-ropes courses, streams and an onsite organic garden to support physical health and well being.

Life Skills Support

Life skills education is provided to all residents on topics such as healthy communication, mindful eating, nutrition, spirituality, and relapse prevention.

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