Our Programs.

Comfort. Choice. Creativity.

Everyone who walks through our doors enters from a unique place. That’s why our programs are built around a client’s unique clinical and emotional status and choices. We meet you where you are.

Community and connection are the heartbeats of our programs. Healing grows through relationships of trust with staff and fellow residents.

In our beautiful, secure homes for our Morningstar and Music Row Recovery programs, residents learn new routines, living with respect for themselves and others. They disconnect from the stresses and challenges to concentrate on self-discovery. Outpatient options offer convenience and earned independence.

No matter where you choose to embark on your healing journey at Integrative Life Center, every program encompasses a full continuum of care, from clinically intensive therapies to medical supervision, nutrition support, adventure therapy, and body-centered therapy.

In everything we do, the focus is on regaining physical, spiritual and emotional wholeness.