Morning Star

Men and Women's Primary Residential-based Program

About Morning Star

primary residential programMorning Star is our primary residence-based treatment program. The Lodge for women and The Cottage for men are nestled on 25-wooded acres in a serene setting in the beautiful Tennessee hills. This is where you will live in true community with others walking similar paths of healing and reconnection. Morning Star is about 15 minutes from our main treatment center on Music Row and offers you the reprieve you’ve been looking for to reawaken your life – body, mind, and spirit,

Completely separate residences are provided for men and women with six beds in each residence. Our program includes single-gender treatment as well as safe occasional mixed-gender groups to reflect real-world settings. Whether you are struggling with an addiction, eating disorder, trauma/post-traumatic stress, or mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, or perhaps co-occurring disorders, we offer hope and guidance for you to put aside your fears and reclaim your true self. The heart of healing is in the community, and Morning Star is a true community environment. While our residences are private and safely single gender, we also know that our recovery journey offers a unique opportunity to better understand the opposite sex. As boys and girls growing up in today’s world, we are rarely taught the truth of each other’s challenges as men and women. Our inherited legacies are powerful, and may or may not be true, and we live with and perceive the world through them as though what we are taught in our culture is absolute truth. That’s a challenging set-up that deep-seated, heart-centered sharing and reflection can open up and allow healing and a reframing of your beliefs to occur. You can come to realize what is really true for you as an adult and release what no longer serves you.

Healing happens from the inside out at Morning Star. Transformational change takes place when you can finally own your own life rather than life owning you. Our relaxed environment with the structure of our clinical program and experienced staff  provides you the framework to begin creating a life you love living.

Benefits of Residence-Based Therapy

Residential-based therapy such as our Morning Star program has been proven over many years as one the the most effective methods for treating dual-diagnosis such as substance use, mental health and eating disorders. When our life becomes too painful to live, we hide and numb the pain in a variety of ways.  Our life becomes conflicted and we become inauthentic.

You do have the power to transform your life. Our treatment program works with you on an individual basis with a holistic approach where our Master’s level clinicians help you identify what methods for healing resonate with you.  We don’t dictate treatment; we introduce you to myriad therapeutic approaches and walk beside you with guidance and encouragement as you develop positive life coping skills and gain clarity and strength to make permanent life changes. Our clinical staff are experienced, licensed professionals who bring their own real-world experiences and trained expertise to the program. The community at Morning Star is an important component as they will help you remember your commitment to recovery when urges are forceful and recovery seems insurmountable.

Our residential staff at Morning Star are key support for your daily living. Many are alumni of our program who have gone on to develop the spiritual strength to share and return what they have learned, as their own stories give humble insight to those who enter our programs. They work side by side with you, mentoring you through the treatment experience while helping you find your voice for your vision, being kind and sensitive listeners to personal revelations and guiding you in daily interactions and choices in their recovery.

Our Real Foods program features a chef who comes to the residences once a week to teach nutritious cooking with organic foods and local produce and share her expertise on the healing properties of food. Morning Star residents plan and cook their daily meals together with a nutritional focus. We offer supported meals for clients with eating disorders.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Treatment at Morning Star is holistic and individualized using traditional evidence-based practices complemented by alternative, meditative and experiential therapies. We treat the whole person, not just your diagnosis. Our approach fosters an individual relationship with each client, and your treatment plan is developed to meet your individual needs with adjustments made to best support your recovery. All plans include a minimum of 25 hours per week of group therapy sessions led by Master’s level therapists plus weekly one-on-one therapy. Our team creates innovative group therapy sessions to help you further understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors and help you practice new ways of approaching life’s pressures, resolve trauma and create satisfying relationships. For your healing, we bring together expertly trained therapists, clinicians, medical staff, religious and spiritual counselors, psychiatrists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and holistic healers to provide a full continuum of care in one location.

Traditional evidence-based practices we use are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

Complementary therapies are also essential to recovery as they can help one tap into areas that may be more difficult to uncover or talk about in traditional therapy. At Morning Star that could include canoeing down the Harpeth River, a day of hiking in the Tennessee hills, writing a new song with a professional musician or creating projects in the art room.  We also offer massage, acupuncture, meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga, mindfulness, psychodrama, motivational interviewing, adventure therapy, breathwork, equine therapy, trauma work, somatic experiencing, brainspotting, amino acid supplements and spiritual ceremonial practices such as sweat lodges, medicine wheels, and labyrinths.

We believe in real-world recovery and that includes weekly participation in outside recovery support meetings in the Nashville area such as 12-Step meetings (AA, NA, ACA, SLAA, EDA, CODA, SA), Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery and SMART Recovery. You’ll be the one to choose which type of community-based outside meetings resonate with you and for you. ILC will hold you accountable to following through on your commitments BUT we do not dictate what your support program must look like. Rather we offer choices and suggestions then allow you the respect to make the choices that serve you.

When needed, we also provide on-site nursing care and access to psychiatric support services and evaluation, as well as medication management.

At Morning Star our individualized treatment plans incorporate our Real Life, Real World Recovery approach by recognizing the progress made by those who are farther along in their recovery and adjusting their treatment plan so they have more freedom to participate in additional activities and events in the community.

The Power of Community at Morning Star

Something powerful takes place in the community at Morning Star. It’s something that you can’t experience when alone: you are seen and heard as a human being. Your pain is witnessed and understood by others. You are working toward a common goal in community with others who have similar stories. You have space to heal in a safe place. You can exhale.

It doesn’t matter what you’re recovering from.

The community is where healing happens. It is the heart of the Morning Star Residence-Based Primary Program and the cornerstone of all programs at Integrative Life Center.

A Typical Day

Your core therapy takes place Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  There’s no set wake-up time – you take responsibility for having yourself ready for your day when activities begin. Clinical treatment takes place at Integrative Life Center on Music Row, our main treatment center. You’ll participate in daily group therapy of varying treatment methods and approaches that change each day. This would also be the time that you receive medication management and see medical staff for any needs. You can also utilize Nashville’s extensive healthcare services while being supported by the Integrative Life Center. Late afternoon is open for time to nurture yourself with an activity you select whether it be in the art studio, a brief hike or a yoga class. Since there is a maximum of six clients in the residence, activities are often chosen to experience as a group, but you can freely choose your own activity. Meals are planned by the house members together and prepared and eaten as a community at the dining room table. After dinner is free time to relax and prepare for the for the next day with lights out usually at 11:00 p.m.

Weekends are for practicing your life skills in a real world setting in the Nashville community during recreational outings. Nashville is brimming with fun activities in which you’ll participate whether it be a night out at a Nashville Predators Hockey game, an outdoor art show, or maybe a night of listening to music on Nashville’s famed Music Row. We believe that recovering in the real world requires a real world environment. And we’ll be there with you every step of the way, always supportive as you practice your recovery skills in everyday settings and discover new ways to enjoy life.

Morningstar allows smoking in designated areas, as well as use of cellphones and tablets. We don’t believe in isolating you from loved ones. You may use the evenings to make phone calls or catch up on email.


Monday through Friday from 9:00 – 3:00, you will be participating in daily groups (25 hours of clinical groups per week) as well as one-on-one sessions with your therapist.  You will have the opportunity to experience and practice recovery skills in everyday situations as you participate in local community events as part of your treatment process.  We have medical staff available throughout the week in case you need medication management or a referral for other medical services.  Nashville is an expansive healthcare community and many of our women utilize the healthcare services provided while being in a supported environment.

Life Skills

Life skills are the tools you’ll gain in the Morning Star program that you will use as you make your way in a real world.  It starts with your everyday interactions in the house as you live with other residents in community.  You’ll learn and practice healthy behaviors and coping skills for controlling emotions, social interactions, managing stress and independent living. The clinical and residential staff work closely together to support you as you maneuver through your healing journey and create interventions uniquely your own.  We help you develop tools for recovery to sustain the changes you learn in treatment that you can take with you to create a new future.

Treatment Modalities

We believe that no one is alone with their challenges in life, therefore, community is a key to recovery and a diverse group of women is a compelling and effective gift to healing. We offer a wide variety of meetings including Smart Recovery, a variety of 12 Step meetings, and Against the Stream Buddhist recovery meetings. We also offer other ceremonies such as sweat lodges if you desire to expand your support network. We know there is not one recovery path that works for every woman, we are here to support YOU in a path that resonates with you. We provide a safe space for your healing and recovery process but we do NOT tell you how to recover, we simply support you in finding your heart’s calling in your healing.


We are not defined by our issues; we are Human Beings and we are the only ones who can heal and transform ourselves so that we can recover our own truths and authenticity. There is nothing to fear in being brave enough to seek healing and recovery. We can only learn what our truth is by walking through the world as a community with our heads held high feeling a sense of self-worth. Whether it is healing past traumas or addictions or eating disorders through somatic breath work, communicating grief through a mosaic in our art room, or kayaking down the Piney River and enjoying living for the first time in a long time, we will help you find your path on your journey to recovery.

What Makes Morning Star Exceptional

We know that every recovery is not the same and each person requires their own individual path to healing. We use the term ‘recovery’ in the broadest sense, knowing that one size doesn’t fit all and that each person has a healing journey that is as unique as they are. Freedom of choice has been the foundation of Integrative Life Center and its Morning Star program since day one. We customize your recovery to what works for you working with the finest therapists, clinicians, and practitioners all under one roof.  We believe that healing takes place in the community, and we support that transformative work to help you put the past behind you and create the life you want to live. Most importantly, we help you develop a framework to sustain it in a real-life environment.

Real Life. Real World. Real Recovery.

What’s Included?

Medical Care

Clients are provided with a medical evaluation upon admission, access to psychiatric care and medical staff, and assistance with medication management.

Clinical Care

Our Master’s level clinicians facilitate therapeutic individual, gender separate group, and family work. We use evidence based therapies such as CBT, EMDR, DBT, somatic work, motivational interviewing, process groups, equine and adventure based, experiential modalities.

Complementary Therapies

Clients receive complementary therapeutic approaches in an effort to encourage body, mind, and spirit integration. Therapies include breath work, yoga, mindful meditation, massage, body work, art, music, and acupuncture.

Recreation & Community

Morning Star offers access to fire circles, sweat lodges, labyrinth walks, on-site art studio for creative expression, and other community oriented ceremonies.

Meals & Nutrition

Residents who need support around disordered eating partake in a nutritional assessment administered by a Registered Dietician, three supported meals per day, planning/preparing community meals, meal plan monitoring, and staff assisted grocery shopping.


Transportation is provided daily to meet client needs, including to clinical programming at Integrative Life Center, local support and recovery meetings, grocery shopping and other leisure activities.


Amenities provided in the house include all of the benefits of a comfortable, upscale living environment. Residents are allowed internet access, personal cell phone and vehicle use, when deemed appropriate. They are supervised by professional staff who are available for support 24-hours a day/7 days-a-week.

Health & Wellness

Residents have access to 25 acres of walking trails, woods, low-ropes courses, streams and an onsite organic garden to support physical health and well being.

Life Skills Support

Life skills education is provided to all residents on topics such as healthy communication, mindful eating, nutrition, spirituality, and relapse prevention.

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