Recovery at Integrative Life Center

Recovery at Integrative Life Center happens in the real world so that men and women may
explore and develop a sense of choice and empowerment in their own lives and personal development.
Our Partial Hospitalization Program is grounded in a personalized, integrative approach to treatment that
supports self discovery, strengthens inner wisdom, and restores a sense of balance between mind, body,
and spirit.

Program Structure

Our PHP program offers 25 hours of group and individual therapy weekly (Monday-Friday) to address addiction, eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders, and other co-occurring conditions. We utilize innovative, holistic and evidence-based practices to create a personalized plan of recovery for each client. The healing and structured environment at ILC provides a supportive and safe space where clients can begin or continue the process of recovery in a real-world setting.

While attending our PHP, clients may choose to live at home or in-residence at one of our supportive living homes. This unique approach to treatment allows clients the opportunity to practice real life skills in a structured clinical setting, while also living in a supportive environment that mirrors this level of clinical care. We believe strongly in the power of peer support and community as integral parts of the recovery process and our in-residence options provide an environment to practice the skills and insights gained in treatment.

Program Components Include:

– Multidisciplinary team including master’s level therapists with specialized training in trauma informed interventions, body-centered psychotherapy, 12-step practices, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), CBT interventions, and EMDR

– Complementary healing practices including acupuncture, massage, yoga therapy, adventure-based therapy, art and movement, and mindfulness practice

– Medical and psychiatric support services, including psychiatric evaluation and medication management

– Specialized eating disorder track that includes nutritional counseling, education, and supportive meal planning with a licensed nutritionist

– Introduction to the Nashville Recovery community via 12-step meetings, Refuge Recovery groups, wellness events, and other creative offerings

– Community living with staff support. Our peaceful and comfortable living environments mimic real world living, while also providing an emotionally supportive experience whereby clients are empowered to build and/or rebuild healthy patterns and lifestyles.

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For more information or a free screening, please contact us at 877-334-6958 or info@integrativelifecenter.com.

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