women's program

The Women’s Program at the Integrative Life Center
provides a safe and supportive space for women to
address their unique needs and life stressors. This
program responds to a wide range of issues including
trauma, addictions, eating disorders, depression, grief
and loss, and anxiety.


Our treatment plans are specially tailored to meet each woman’s distinct needs. At Integrative Life Center, our Intensive Outpatient Program addresses a range of addiction, trauma, eating disorders and co-occurring conditions in weekly group therapy sessions.

program components include:

  • A comprehensive approach that promotes self discovery,inner wisdom, and a sense of balance among mind, body, and spirit

  • Personalized assessment and treatment plans to meet each client’s distinct needs

  • Individual and group sessions with expert, Masters-level therapists who utilize integrated, evidence-based practices including 12-step philosophy, somatic therapies, equine therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness

  • Transitional living homes to help clients fuse recovery practices into daily life

  • Assimilation into the local recovery community through recovery groups, wellness programs, 12-step meetings, and other offerings

  • Supplementary healing practices including yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, adventure-based therapy, sweat lodge ceremonies, and other creative services

  • Psychiatric support, including screenings and medication management

  • Nutritional services including education, counseling, and supportive meal planning with our expert nutritionist