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    Men’s Program

    The Men’s Intensive Outpatient Program includes 12+ hours of group therapy weekly (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday). Each client’s treatment plan is developed to meet his unique needs and programming can be adapted to best support his recovery.

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    Women’s Program

    Our treatment plans are specially tailored to meet each woman’s distinct needs. At Integrative Life Center, our Intensive Outpatient Program addresses a range of addiction, trauma, eating disorders and co-occurring conditions in weekly group therapy sessions.

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    Adolescent Outpatient Program

    Our program includes 9 hours of group therapy weekly (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4-7 p.m.) for eight weeks. Programming includes a focus on family dynamics through parent and family group sessions. Based on the personalized nature of the program, it can be used as a step up from individual outpatient therapy or a step down from acute inpatient, residential or partial hospitalization treatment.

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    Adult Evening Program

    Our Adult Evening program includes 9 hours of group therapy weekly (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6-9 p.m.) Most clients will be in the evening program for a minimum of eight weeks, although treatment length is individualized according to need. It is our goal to help you find a recovery path that works best for you and to create a treatment plan that supports you living an extraordinary life.

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