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Mee Tracy McCormick first started cooking her way out of chronic autoimmune disease as a last resort. Hereditary Chrohn’s disease, an intestinal ulceration, a diagnosis of cancer waiting to be confirmed, and debilitating daily pain had knocked her down. Medical tests, treatments and medicines that threatened to kill her before they cured her had kicked her into the corner.

When it seemed like she only had two options – a slow and painful death or a sudden and quick death – Mee Tracy looked at her husband and two small children and decided to find a third option, and if one didn’t exist, to create it.

Whole foods became her medicine. Healing recipes using those whole foods became her occupational therapy. Her kitchen became her cure.

Five years later, Mee Tracy’s symptoms of Chrohn’s disease have been reversed. The 10-year old hole in her intestines has closed up. The cancer that was waiting to be confirmed has been prevented. She eats without fear. She digests without pain. She thrives in a state of wellness without any daily cocktails of medication.

The death that had once seemed so near couldn’t be farther from Mee Tracy’s current life as an author, autoimmune cooking expert, TV personality, cooking instructor, ranch owner, farm supervisor, wife, momma, and unstoppable Real Food Life activist.

My Kitchen Cure

by Mee Tracy McCormick

More than a cookbook, an inspiring memoir starting in the Mexican jungle to a ranch outside of Music City, Nashville, TN, plus life-changing food facts and more than 100 healing recipes.

My Kitchen Cure is a book about overcoming chronic autoimmune disease, preventing cancer, and transcending a hereditary setup for a life of illness and a diminished existence. My Kitchen Cure is about foods for healing, cooking for cures, and eating your way to wellness. My Kitchen Cure is a book about recovering strength, regaining balance, reclaiming empowerment, and restoring vitality.


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