our approach

We believe that healing takes place in community, that each person needs support and freedom to
choose their own path, and that recovery comes with practice.

our approach:

Healing from the suffering caused by trauma, eating disorders, addictions and other co-occurring conditions is not simply about managing life; it is about transforming it. At the Integrative Life Center, we support the transformative work with approaches that strengthen and nurture mind, body and spirit. Our community-based approach addresses varying levels of need in a real world setting.

We believe that healing involves the whole self – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of you.



We promote wellness by supporting the body’s natural abilities to heal. We offer nutritional counseling and healthy food to replenish the body’s depleted system, along with vitamin and amino acid therapy as prescribed. We encourage outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, canoe trips on the river, high ropes and challenge courses for the hearty. For the less adventurous we offer trails in the local parks, as well as walks around the neighborhood. We are located in an historic district in the heart of the city, and walking the city streets is an adventure. The main thing is to identify what your body needs and be supported in making that an integral part of your life and your recovery.


At ILC we introduce the concept of emotional sobriety. Emotional sobriety is an essential ingredient in a successful recovery. It involves learning the difference between what’s happening now and what is left over from the past – understanding that emotions change, and learning that you can get comfortable with them even when they’re uncomfortable, knowing they’ll pass. We use psychodynamics and process groups, experiential therapies such as art, equine therapy, insight therapy, exploring archetypes and individual sessions with your therapist to help build your emotional awareness and create a stable sobriety. Stable doesn’t mean flat. It means a full range of feelings with the ability to experience your feelings and express them with passion and depth.





Transformational recovery includes asking yourself the big questions about life—like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and discovering the things that make life meaningful to you. It’s about nurturing a growing awareness of your thoughts and beliefs and sorting through them until you find your own voice and begin to listen to it. At ILC we offer opportunities for self-reflection and a safe, supportive community in which to share and process these discoveries with others.



Spirituality is about living an authentic life and is an important element of recovery. We believe in the power of mindfulness and meditation in the process of coming to self-awareness. Mindfulness and meditation calm the mind and create the space for communicating with the God of your understanding – your source of authenticity. We do not promote any one approach to spirituality. Whether you walk the medicine wheel, climb the 12 Steps, explore Eastern Philosophy and Toltec Teaching or follow Judaism, Christianity or Islam, we will offer support to you on your path.




To unravel our lives, we must begin at the beginning. We have to work our way into our core and back out again. In our core, we keep our deepest, most sacred beliefs and agreements. Some of those are so old and are buried so deep that we’ve lost awareness of them. They have become secrets we keep from ourselves.

Lee McCormick CEO, Integrative Life Center